Enterprise 21276

A chance to own a Lufkin built Enterprise at a fraction of the real value, I believe this one was bought originally by West Lancs yacht club for the Southport 24 hr race.

This boat is in need of a little work mostly putting the fittings back in place and could benefit from a coat of paint varnish at sometime in the near future.

It sits on a trolley although there is a trailer but we haven’t tried the two together. It has mast, boom , sails and foils. I can’t guarentee all the fittings will come with the boat but most will and the first to buy either of the two boats will have first choice of what fittings there are.

I’m sure my father would want to see his boat on the water competing rather than broken up and to this end we are inviting suitable offers to ensure this happens.

I believe a motivated individual could put this back on the water in 2-4 week ends.

For more information and pictures contact:-

Ian Lufkin 07473384616