Covid Racing Series at Looe (Race 5)

This year has made just organising sailing activities challenging and we have all had to find new ways to get back on the water,

Enabling people to return to work safely has, quite rightly, been a priority for everyone. And we all know how challenging it has been for companies to reorganise their workplace and practices to comply with new stringent safety requirements.
Necessity being the reliable mother of invention has driven the changes required to get us back to work, shops pubs and restaurants to get our economy moving again,

Sailing on the other hand is a hobby facilitated by dedicated volunteers who, until this year, could and would give their time without having to consider risks to their own wellbeing or be accountable for ensuring the rest of us adhered to the rules and restrictions we must apply to our sport..

At Looe we have managed to get back to racing thanks to our own volunteers, And now we are over half way through our series, we realise how worthwhile the effort has been. We can socialise, at a distance while rigging and packing up and we can suffer the ridicule and humiliation hurled at us by our dedicated camera crew.

A big well done to all the clubs that have got back to sailing and especially those that have got some events back on the calendar. this Autumn.

If you have any stories, reports, pictures or vids to share then please send them in ([email protected]) and we will share them on the website, alternatively keep posting on the Facebook page so we can all see what’ going on in the Enterprise community.

Meanwhile here’s this week’s racing from Looe. The film crew advise me the ridicule is free of charge: