Two visitors joined three local boats at Bristol Corinthian for the first Severnside Traveller event for nearly two years. The boats were very evenly matched. So, with highly competitive starts, shifty beats and puffy runs every boat led a race at one time or another. The second race saw all five boats finish within less than fifteen boat lengths.

In race one Allice Allen and James Hobson worked through to win from Ian Wakeling and Sue Clinton with Johnny Allen and Tony Palmer in third

Richard Leach and Jane Pickford initially led the second race before Ian and Sue got through with Paul Young and Aimee Allsopp second and Alice and James third.

With all to play for in the last race Jonny and Tony initially led the fleet. The decisive moment for the event came towards the end of the penultimate run. As Ian gybed on to starboard Johnny luffed Alice who found herself in the middle of and Enterprise sandwich unable to give way to a starboard gybe boat and a leeward boat at the same time. Alice did turns and then took a flyer on the last beat to work through to second having overtaken Paul and Aimee at the windward mark. However, at a very polite and sensible protest discussion of the incident Ian acknowledged that he had not given Alice or Johnny reasonable time and opportunity to keep clear and retired.

Following racing the fleet enjoyed a hearty Roast Lunch provided by BCYC’s new caterers Cobb’s of Cheddar.

The Severnside Series will be decided at Penarth in the only other event to survive this season on 31 October, weather permitting.


22501   Alice Allen and James Hobson     BCYC                      1              (3)          1              2pts

21067    Ian Wakeling and Sue Clinton      BCYC                      2              1              (RTD)     3pts

22901    Paul Young and Aimee Allsopp   Midland SC         (4)          2              2              4pts

22827    Johnny Allen and Tony Palmer    BCYC                      3              (5)          3              6pts

23140    Richard Leach and Jane Pickford Penarth YC         (5)          4              4              8pts