World Sailing approves rule change for Enterprise Class increasing build options..

World Sailing in conjunction with Enterprise International have approved changes to the Enterprise Class Rules, allowing epoxy resins to be used for the construction of all versions of Fibre Glass Boats.
The rule change was requested by Peak Dinghy Spares through the UK Enterprise Association and now enables them to build the Mark 2 Foam Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Enterprise boats using Epoxy Resin. Peak Dinghy’s mould is the original mould owned by Holt which introduced FRP Enterprise construction. This was later used to produce the Speed FRP hull and is now owned by Peak Dinghy Spares which has improved the build quality in recent years. This mould was taken from a successful Ovington hull.
With this rule change, Peak Dinghy Spares will now also be able to offer Epoxy hulls bonded to a wood deck. “This option will be attractive for Enterprise owners, who want the advantages of a maintenance free, long lasting, stiff and strong Epoxy hull with the good looks of a beautiful wooden deck,” says Glyn Rawson of Peak Dinghy Spares.
The new FRP Epoxy boat will cost around £7995 and the company will continue to offer FRP with Vinylester resin alongside its new Epoxy range.
The other existing licensed builder of FRP Epoxy boats is Rondar Raceboats Ltd, which developed a new Mk 3 deck design in conjunction with the UK Enterprise Association. This features a self-draining, interior mould, with better ergonomics and reduced maintenance. The Rondar mould was moulded from a successful Prior hull, now available in wood by JJ Boats, and has won several recent championships. The Rondar Enterprise costs around £7995, and Epoxy hulls are now also available for composite decking through Rondar as a result of this recent rule change.
Wooden Enterprise hulls bonded with Epoxy resins built by JJ Boats are still available and have won recent World and National Championships. One was borrowed to clinch the National Inland Championship at Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club in April this year.
The Enterprise class is celebrating its 60th anniversary year in 2016. The long lasting success of the Enterprise is through its adherence of strict one design rules which control the external shape and weight of the boat. This ensures even the most modern boats have the same performance characteristics of older boats and boats from Wood and FRP have comparative performance.
The resurgence of interest in the class this year has led to an active second hand market with boats and equipment selling quickly from listings on the class website.
Rondar Raceboats –
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The next major event for the class will be its National Championships at Brixham Yacht Club starting on 23 July, with a fundraising Black Tie Dinner on Friday 29th July. For details and tickets, contact Carol Ford at
For more information visit the Enterprise Association website at


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