2017 Allen National Championship

South Caernarvonshire Yacht Club
Saturday 5th - Friday 11th August

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Entry Fee Options:£170 if paid by 29th June, or £190 thereafter.
£30.00 deposit by the 31st March, with the remaining £140 by 29th June. Rises to £160 after 29th June.
£100 for helms under 21 (crew must also be under 21) - Rises to £110 after 29th June.
Notes: Ages on this form refer to age at the date of the first race of the event. The helm must be a paid-up member of the Enterprise Association.
I am a member of club.

I am a paid up member of the Enterprise Association. I agree to be bound by the conditions set out in the Notice of Race, in particular the risk statement, that I have read and understood (on Enterprise Association website). I certify that the boat is insured for a minimum of £3,000,000 third party liability cover.
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Please tick all appropriate prize categories below:

Lady Helm  Lady Crew 
Helm over 40  Helm over 50 
Helm over 60 
Helm under 18  Helm under 21 
Crew under 18  Crew over 40 
Overseas Helm  Generation Tray (Mum or Dad with son or daughter) 
Helm & Crew = Married or Partners 
Helm, never raced before at the Nationals (as helm or crew) 
Classic Nationals Trophy Eligibility (sail number lower than 20,000) 

I would like to make payment via  Cheque BACs Transfer
Either send cheque to:-
Carol Ford, 56 Hurstville Drive, Waterlooville, Hants PO7 7NE
Please make cheques payable to 'The Enterprise Association' and write 'Helm's name' and 'Nationals' on the back.
Bank Credit Transfer:-
Sort Code 20-79-25
Account No 00341274
Bank Barclays Hamble
Please put 'Helm's name' and 'Nationals' in reference field.

Please note: Clicking on the submit button will automatically email your completed form to the Championships Administrator.