Enterprise Association chooses Sail 4 Cancer as official charity partner..

As part of its 60th anniversary activities, the Enterprise Association has chosen Sail 4 Cancer as its official charity partner. This is the first time that the class has adopted a single charity to support. Class Commodore John Berry said, “We are delighted to be helping Sail 4 Cancer which is a respite charity for families affected by cancer. Within the Enterprise class, we have personal experience of seeing sailors and their families suffering from cancer and it’s great that we can all do something now to help through Sail 4 Cancer’s work.”

One of the main fundraising activities will be a blind auction of a fully rigged Seldén mast. The mast, worth £748.78, was donated by Seldén and will be auctioned at the Enterprise National Championships.
A race held in Enterprises between the House of Commons versus House of Lords in front of Westminster Palace on the Thames also raised money for Sail 4 Cancer.
Lizette Van Nierk, Fund Raising Manager for Sail 4 Cancer said; “We are so pleased to have been adopted by the Enterprise Class as its official charity. We are lucky to have the support of the sailing community who understand the positive effect being out on the water has for those suffering from cancer and their families. We want Sail 4 Cancer to be supported within the wider sailing community and rely on enthusiastic class sailors and club members to help support us. With its wide reach all across the country and internationally, the Enterprise Class is a perfect match for us.”
The Enterprise fleet is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a fundraising Black Tie Dinner on the last night of the Enterprise National Championships at Brixham Yacht Club on Friday 29th July. For details and tickets, contact Carol Ford at the_fordies@yahoo.com
For more information visit the Enterprise Association website at www.sailenterprise.co.uk.
For more information please contact Alice Driscoll, Press Officer Enterprise Association, Tel 0797 1019377 or by email alice@adpr.co.uk

Fund raising started at the House of Commons vs House of Lords race.


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